Ceasar Millan saves the day

I have been watching the "dog whisperer" show with Ceasar Millan and I recognized that I need to use a technique with my own dog. Summer is very unfriendly when strangers come to the yard which is a good thing. The trouble I have is that he won't listen to me when I tell him it is okay and to stop barking and growling....but he ignores me and I pull his collar and make him sit; he does listen for a second and then goes back to barking and growling. When little children come over we have to tie him up because he is too gregarious and big to be excited and chasing them. I don't want anyone hurt. Our team of window installers arrived yesterday to install windows and of course they are working all day and for 2 days when the trucks pull in and 2 guys working around the house with others coming later... This is stress for me and the dog. But thanks to Ceaser Millan and his "training the human" techniques with dogs I had no problem with Summer yesterday or this morning. It took me 5 minutes to calm him down and I checked on him a few minutes later as he started barking again and I came out and said "what is going on... no barking remember?" and he then rolled over on his back for me to rub his tummy. We never heard another peep from him all day. This morning he barked again when the trucks pulled up and the guys knew what to do as I instructed them to let the dog sniff you when you come in the mornings. I feel have a control technique to calm the dog and me down.

thanks Ceasar!


Catherine said...

It's amazing how some people have such a good connection with animals! Love the "Animal Planet" channel!

katrina lauren said...

ceasar is so so good! i love his show and tune in every weekend...i have his book too which was a good read and helpful too! i can borrow it to you if you would like?
{i feel proud that summer didn't bark very much at me...perhaps i have a bit of whisperer in me too! ha!}

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