Grad 2009 invite

Brian and I received an invitation to the Grad at the SCCHS on Friday. "Every Mile A Memory" is the theme. I am so looking forward to this as the excitement buzzes with all the grads...but, maybe not every grad is excited..diversity is everywhere. The guest speaker is a friend of ours and he has discussed with us his wish to dedicate a little bit to our son Graham.... ...irregardless, we are honored to attend and listen to what this main speaker has to say.

I love these words...{live-inspired products}

they make me think of my life

and all that I have accomplished

and all that I have learned

Congratulations to all the Grads of 2009!


Catherine said...

Very nice post Donna. I love the first saying - "be" the flow rather than "follow" the flow. Love it.

Melody A. said...

I am writing those down right now. Beautiful words.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. Have fun at the graduation.

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