Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary!

Happy 55th Birthday Brian...
Never Let GO
the reins of the wild colt
of the HEART
love always Donna

for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health...I still admire your energy and strong mind and that is why I married you. Now freedom 55 is at our fingertips...let's let go of the urgency in life and keep what is IMPORTANT.
Happy 29th Anniversary to us!


Catherine said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!! I hope you have a most wonderful day of celebrating the love you have for each other! Very Sweet! (and a happy birthday to Brian as well!)

Snowflake said...

Happy Anniversary!! And pass on birthday greetings to Brian!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! And what a beautiful post!


Brandi said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two love birds

Here is to many many more
Cheers :)

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