a war hero and 2 sons

M brother-in-law Trevor just returned from the Netherlands with his dad, Sgt. Wilford H. Kirk....I just wanted to share as this is wonderful family history..

My father-in-law Wilford Kirk is an honored war hero in Holland, he is a member of the Militaire Willems-Orde (Order of William}, the highest tribute paid for military valour (only 9 soldiers were awarded this medal and Wilf is one of the only 2 vets who were honored with this medal who are surviving today}, formed in 1815 to commemorate the freeing of Europe from Napoleon's domination at the Battle of Waterloo.

Because of his valued position in the Order, the Dutch have hosted Wilford {Sgt. Kirk} several times thru the years, to the point he has lost track of just how many trips he has made to the Netherlands; He has been invited to attend numerous celebrations regarding the liberation of Holland. I know that Wilf was proud to have his sons attend with him to the Netherlands and Brian and Trev {with all the expenses paid} have had opportunities to dine and drink and socialize with dignitaries, colonels, a Queen and Princess and watch their Dad be honoured and saluted in front of all of Holland. This would be extremely emotional and Holland is so appreciative of the Canadian Army. Sgt. Kirk is still thanked by these citizens everytime he attends their country.

Brian went with Wilf last year in June 2008....

Prime Minister of Holland, Wilford Kirk {Brian's dad who was 90 years old at that time} and Brian in the Prime Minister's Palace {June 2008}

This year Trev went with his dad and these are a couple of pictures that were taken for them and sent via e-mail..

Wilf and Trevor talking with Princess Marguerite of Holland

I just wanted to put this on my blog to share the "gratefulness" of this liberated country of Holland!


Brandi said...

Wow and Wow!!!
Great post and amazing history!! What an honour!! Thank you for sharing your families history!
Love how he rolls with all the royalty! love it

Cheryl said...

How wonderful he was able to share his honors with his sons. They must be so proud of thier Dad.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story! How wonderful for your husband and his brother to have had the opportunity to share these triips with their father! He sounds like an amazing man!


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