relations and perspectives

The past 4 weeks have been an amazing lifestyle change and I am just dotting down some thoughts.... it is all good

my custom-made sterling silver family bracelet has been reconnected as you can see what happened in the photo {thanks to Woods' Jewellers}.

Even though Wilf, {Brian's dad} is very ill and we have spent long days at the hospital; it has given Brian and his Dad time to repair their relationship and to say "I love you".

Brian has been on extended vacation and some stress leave combined. I realize that our marriage needs an uplift and to spend time together has been so easy and comfortable. He has needed this time for so many reasons, not just work related.

This note sounds "small", but... I lost my swavorski crystal yoga bracelet!!! grrrr.. a Mother's day gift....I am trying to not let it bother me too much ...I guess maybe someone else will find it and they may need it more...{sigh}

Tom is heading to Grasslands National Park in August to assist the Park Biologists in monitoring the endangered species of the "short-horned Lizard". He will camp and spend long days in the least 8 hours each day...should be fun and very interesting for him..

for a summer to remember I selected the pictures in the mosaic from Flickr photos for my celebration of change. {Photo credits did not copy to show titles, etc. my apologies to the pro photographers. I found these photos under the search button "dancing"}

Sharing a poem I found on "the rough edges" blog

Ordinary Revolution
When you don't want to say yes
say no
When you really want something
go for it
and if you don't get it the first time
get creative
and go for it again, again, and again
creative wins
When you are drop dead exhausted
go to bed
and when you are well rested
get moving
when your body begs for food
feed it
and when it begs to be cleansed
when you need to be alone
when you need to be held
when it's all just too much
when it's all just too much
when you talk to someone
be real
when they talk to you
when you don't know what to do
it's always the right choice
it'll change the world

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Catherine said...

Love the Poem. A great 'feel good' reflective post Donna. Hopefully someone deserving found your special bracelet and it will send good karma back your way!

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