busy TGIF

Friday it is!

trusting this weekend will get our house renos almost done. Friends coming over to slap on the siding.

grateful for my books I am reading and my camera. My little kodak keeps clicking pretty good pictures.

inspired by my Mom and Dad who turn 80 today and are still living out at their cabin at the lake. We are celebrating their birthdays' tonite at the Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina.
I want to be here at a place like this when I retire. It will happen. See that horse on the top of the hill. She stood there for the longest time. I knew it was a mare because a little colt came up beside after awhile.

you all have a great weekend now.....


K said...

gorgeous pix - hey did you try to link up to SOOC on Melody's Slurping Life blog ?your link did not work but I did a search on the link name and found u

Donna said...

I like the siding and hopefully the house will be warmer. I want it nice and toasty inside when I come home from school in the wintertime!

Donna said...

thanks for searching me "K". I don't know why my link didn't work?
thanks for your comment.

I am glad you like the siding - I LOVE IT too. Someday we may get this house finished {another big push today on the house}
love you...mom

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