Highfield Dam - My Best Shot Monday {night}

Only a few miles from our home is a reservoir, a very voluminous reservoir of water, which actually is a dam.

This is my best shot Monday. Driving along the Highfield Dam Road searchng for a good entry spot into the water with our aluminum friend, the canoe.

My boys used to fish along this dam. It wasn't until just this past July when I frequented once again to head to No. 1 East highway when Brian said "heh..why don't you try canoeing on that body of water"? and so we glided the canoe onto its waters in July and then again yesterday. Tom came with me this time and of course it was a “heavenly” experience of nature. Tom knew all the birds on the water and all the gulls noisily resting on the sandbanks and flying over our heads, the “grebes” nesting with their eggs right on the water. The water was crystal clear but very heavily weeded as is the "norm" for August.

I feel so balanced and joyful …it is a wonderful long lasting feeling. I have my own body of water to slip my canoe into when I am feeling disjointed and unsure.


Catherine said...

That is awesome about Tom knowing all the names of the birds! He's my kind of guy. LOVE the birds! Looks like you had a beautiful day with your son - good for you!

Thomas said...

Glad we both had fun and I loved seeing all the birds, Pelicans were awesome, should have brought the camera!

PS: Watch the spelling on "Dam".

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