Style and Inspiration-TGIF

Trusting that my patience and prioritizing and communication skills can handle the office pressures and constant training that is required in my department at work in the next few months.

A little Diana Krall piped through my desktop would help {wouldn’t that be nice}
sometimes I am a huge fan of her music…. But mainly I am a fan of “who she is” that I love. I have listened to people interview her and I like the person…so of course I like the sad slow moody jazz beat and her classy low key appearance

Grateful for my power walks that I am doing and am able to keep doing due to our summer and soon fall season coming up, and the energy and calm focus it provides. I look rather funny when I am power walking…arms swinging, feet marching fast almost at a run but not quite..very effective for me and I only have to go for a 15 or 20 minute walk to get same benefits as a longer walk

Inspired by a book I ordered and when i read thru the first couple of sections I already know this book is going to do something for me. I am always rearranging or setting an ornament or inspired phrase somewhere on or above my desk. It is because I have to work in an environment that assists me in a way with my "style" is so important. Some of us go to serious lengths to have our environment inspire them, especially at home and at work. We need that.... Style Statement-Live by Your Own Design


Catherine said...

Hey Donna - Diana Krall - she's a good one isn't she. Perhaps a small investment in an mp3 player at Wal-mart (very cheap) and that way you can play your music and work away! Music is always so good to inspire us indeed. Your new book looks very interesting. It will be a hectic 3 months ahead at work - hopefully we can all keep each others spirits up as we plug away through another banking system. Jodi U and I are going to have a T-Shirt made: "I survived another merger and another banking system"! Ha ha Have a super weekend Donna!

Donna said...

I like the T-shirt idea, except mine is going to say "I survived my "last" banking system merger.
I will be too old and bent over when another comes along {ha!)
MP3 player {hmm} may have to do that...

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