Want to Know How I Am Doin'?

I am doing great. I agreed to my new food ACTR1UM which has no cornmeal in it. It took me awhile to slowly get used to it but now I eat it no problem.

I get my anti-inflammatory medicine for my arthritis 3 times a week and that is my favourite goodie because my owner puts the liquid into a shelled out hot dog..and I LOVE HOT DOGS!

I can still go for truck rides and sometimes I will go for a walk too. I sleep alot because well..I am getting older...and I sometimes need a little push to get up the house stairs and up into the truck. Having a pretty good summer and I still love to play "ball" which is really just a tug-of-war with my playmates because I don't like to let go of my ball {Hee!}


Catherine said...

So glad you are feeling better!

katrina lauren said...

Glad that Summer is feeling better and is liking his new food! What a sweet face your Summer has!

Anonymous said...

Awww...so good to get an update on Summer and to hear he is doing well.


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