a daughter's loving inspiration

My dad turned 80 years old on August 28th. We all met at Golf's in Regina for a special dining-out celebration . My sister, Barb, at the last minute,{love it!}; had an inspiration that night and wrote this poem for Dad.

Tho the years have come, gone and past
there is one thing that will last . . .
the love of a father who did his best,
stood the test, and gave his family memories,
of a man who worked hard and gave his
livelihood for the common good of his
family, who see him as a patient man, loving
and kind.

Thanks for everything you've done to help make
our lives happy ones.
We know how much you care, for over the years
your heart has been bared.

We are glad to be the ones to receive the benefit of
your love; wisdom and a sound mind, have been your guide,
to steer you through difficult moments and hard times.

And now, you have come to this place, where you stand
in our hearts and minds, as an honourable man, patient
loving and kind.

inspirations, when acted on, are blessings! keep writing Barb...

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