Enduring Bold?

I talked briefly about a book a while ago that I started reading called the Style Statement Live by your own Design (see TGIF label - Style and Inspiration post}

Style Statement ...let's get back to that. Wendy picked out my style statement this last weekend:

Enduring Bold Style Statement
SPIRIT: Tough cookies, rugged, unwavering, devoted, and ultimately pragmatic, Enduring is profoundly patient and can stay the course with a steady heart and mind. Whether socially conventional or rebellious. Enduring has a great sense of dignity, pride, and principles. When Enduring commits, they do so wholeheartedly and with certainty. Never one to back down from adversity or conflict. Enduring stands up to support friends, mates, and chosen causes. Leaders and stewards of ideas. Enduring can be equally effective and at ease in a team or independently. The shadow side of Enduring is unyielding stubbornness and a tendency to suffer or tolerate “ too much” without taking positive action. Enduring generously gives and openly receives acknowledgement and recognition.

LOOK & FEEL: the spectrum of enduring ranges from timeless pieces drawn from ancient cultures and classic tradition to street-smart and rugged. Solid, durable, tightly woven, heavy-duty textiles; chunky, sturdy, dark, bold storytelling.

What do you think??

Wendy (she chose Genteel/Organic Style Statement for herself}

I need to work with Shirley on her Style Statement. I will be looking forward to sharing with her about how to find her Style Statement. {we were too busy cowgirlin and drinking wine at Maple Creek on her last visit}

on another note: the "enduring-bold" and the "genteel-organic" women and Brian went for a nice horseyback ride into the back coulees for a a couple of hours last Saturday {frustration pause: pictures are in my camera and their was no memory card AND they are sitting in the internal memory of my camera and I have lost my USB cable to hook up to the computer and I CAN'T GET AT THEM}..................they are beautiful fall pictures with us on our horses and in the background are colourful bushes in the hills as backdrops. Their is a picture of Wendy and I in the "buddy" pose..} so I eased my misfortune and bought a brand new camera!!!! I could hardly sit at my desk yesterday afternoon because I wanted to play with the camera sitting in my car!
see here it is.....
Kodak Easyshare Z915 10x Optical IS (simple/easy to use with more power}

nothing real fancy, but small and lots more pixels and close focus shots for me to enjoy!! I like Kodak...mind you I have never known a digital camera that was not Kodak except for Tom's Fuji Film s1000.

Have a peaceful and joyful week!!

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