photo shoots

I took this photo in August with Tom's Fuji Finepix S1000 camera {what a difference a higher grade camera makes!}

Mantracker on Rocky and {looks like female girlscout/ranger} on Ben taken in May at the Sask. Landing. I love the colour of the prairie grass in contrast with the horses.

My Mantracker!! {Brian no longer has the fuzzy gray gotee, he shaved it off a week ago}

check out some more photo shoots on Tom's new blog, he has some forestry field trip photos to share in Alberta this past week. He would appreciate a comment or two I am sure!


Catherine said...

Nice pictures Donna! How exciting Tom has a blog as well. I'm going to pop on over.

DeviantThomas said...

Are you going to update your blog?

videos on horse

I always like to get a shot or two when horses are around. I thought the trees turning colour would turn out on this video Nada. ...