my power walk this morning was very special... I just started walking down the lane and this beautiful orange ball just above the crops greeted me {my camera will not do it justice} but you get the idea. I don't know why but I seem to have grown a massive ball around my waste and it is wicked to deflate so I have decided that a lifestyle change is in order and not a diet! Tom has been my supporting coach this summer and nonchalantly asks every so often if I went for a walk and if I didn't "how come"? One morning I started walking up the coulee and "summer" began growling and running over to the field on the right and as I turned my head to see what he was growling about...OMG two huge moose were walking up the coulee side by side with me, only they were a bit further away from the road. I panicked and got scared and went back to the house to get my camera {they are VERY HUGE animals). I don't know why but they spooked me. I wasn't expecting them to be there of course, never did get the picture, they were walking pretty fast towards the windmills.

anyhow, I am now gaining muscle and my days at work and home are better because I have energy now. Weight Loss is now replaced by "lifestyle change".

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Thomas said...

That is awesome, I hope you never give it up!

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