Tom's SOOC Saturday

{Tom Kirk FujiFilm Finepix S1000}

Yesterday we went to the reservoir for another canoe journey and along the way we stopped and took a rest break on the other side. Tom took this picture {much to my delight}, so I am sharing today as it is SOOC {straight out of the camera} Saturday.
I am enlarging this picture and framing it!

Check out Melody's blog for some professional photography SOOC shots!


K said...

WOW that is a stunning picture
'like art

Sandi @ Life with Jessica said...

Gorgeous!! The composition is perfect and the canoe anchors the photo and draws your eye to the beautiful shoreline beyond. Definitely one to print and frame!

Rachel said...

Perfect - looks like a vacation lakehouse advertisement! I love the feeling of serenity in this picture!

melody is slurping life said...

That shot is art. Definitely frame it.

Ditto all that Sandi said.

Lisa said...

This would be beautiful on a canvas.
Beautiful, gorgeous shot!


Melissa G said...

That is really beautiful; so serene. What a lovely place.

Jewelz said...

I agree with all the positive comments. It's a calendar shot :0)...or like Rachel suggested, an picture that might be used in an advertisement.
Beautiful capture Tom. Thank you for sharing it with us Donna.


National Geographic said...

Excellent! I would purchase that photo for $10,000. Keep it up!

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