Wondering Wednesday

when I watch the horses take a drink after we filled up the water tanks I knew that was the picture I needed to describe how I am feeling, since September is here. I am "thirsty" for something, but not sure what it is. I need to feel the warmth and smell of our horses. I should be riding one right now. I have not saddled up for weeks now. Ya that's what I need. I have loved my fun little photo projects that keep me blogging and talking about photo shots such as.... SOOC Saturday, Best Shot Monday, then there is Wordless Wednesday and Love Thursday to post about if I need an excuse to post, but excuse is the wrong word..just an inspirational phrase to punch the creativity out.... I am on my own for this week, Tom back at Lethbridge, Brian in Calgary {new adventure for him could be a post later}.

Seriously, honestly and sincerely, I have felt some amazing pulls from 2 of my coworkers in the office {I am not mentioning their names for privacy reasons} of not so much sympathy but wishing strength and fortitude and inner struggles to work together for both of them as they are faced with some "razor edge" courage to deal with what life has brought them right now. I hope that whatever these 2 amazing women thirst for will be finally quenched.

What are you thirsting for?


Catherine said...

Cute picture! Love it!

Corla Rokochy said...

I am glad I had a chance to see your blog. You have some unique and inspirational stories and photographs. Nice to see you out here in cyberspace!

Mac and Melody said...

What a wonderful capture. Such a creative perspective.

Thanks for stopping by Mac and Melody and giving us comment love. We are having some fun.

Diane said...

Beautiful photo. I love watching horses drink. Well, I just love horses..how they look, how they smell, how they feel. Cute how close their noses are.

I always enjoy your blog. Have a lovely ride.

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