Boeuf Bourguignon

An amazing duo of french cuisine cooking took place a couple of weeks ago in my kitchen. Wendy and myself prepared the famous "Bouef Bourguignon" recipe (beef stewed in red wine) from the Julia Child's French Cookbook shown above. This of course was inspiration from the movie "Julie and Julia"! For 3 hours two of us prepared the intricate steps of this famous recipe and enjoyed the rewards of our culinary skills later on that evening. I can still taste it. The cubed stew beef took us one hour to brown and flavour (the most fun was pouring the 3 cups of red wine in the beef saute!).

I was so busy helping with this recipe that no pictures were taken. No pictures were needed as the flavour still lingers in my mouth. There were so many steps to follow, but it sure was worth it in the end. We boiled and skinned the onions and boiled the chunks of pork to rid the unwanted salt, and the mushrooms were sauted just when the butter in the pan stopped foaming (then and only then did the mushrooms get plopped into the frying pan). It was very fun to work on a recipe with two people and learn and laugh as you go. Thanks my friend, this was a great idea!


katrina lauren said...

yay for julia! i got a julia child cookbook too after seeing the movie...i plan on having a girlfriends cooking, good company, laughs, lots of eating...and of course julia!

Wendy said...

I have to say - cooking with Donna that day was the most fun I'd ever had cooking and that is really saying something because "I" am in my element and most happy when I am cooking or baking! Can't wait for the next kitchen challenge - what should it be???? maybe your readers should suggest something for us?

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