snow thankful

There was no wind (or very little today) and we were outside alot. Even though it snowed it was like a nice calm December day. I will take a calm day when I can get it!

Tom helping with putting up a temporary southside step for the winter. Our new deck and steps will have to be next spring's project, but at least we can get into both entrances of our home.

Gramma watching by the fence as the horses move down to get their oats. It was 6:45 p.m. and night was upon us.

Mantracker had hauled all the old siding and old deck material in a pile on the top of this coulee and with the snow and moisture it was an excellent time to burn it all.

Gramma and Tom watching the fire burn and keeping warm.

A new recipe was brought forth during the weekend and Tom was the chef on this one...I keep telling him he should be in "culinary" school after he is done his enviro science program next year. He is a very creative cook and we all loved this recipe he made from scratch: (Green Tea) Chiffon cake. It was delicious!

I hope your thanksgiving weekend is a thankful one!


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Tomas said...

glad we both had fun!

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