this works if you're brave

this is my Neti Pot

On the weekend, while I was dining out for lunch, I learned about the "Neti Pot".  I have a "nasally challenged" nose and one of my dining friends' pops out and says to me "oh my you are congested you need the NetiPot.  I used mine this morning and oh it feels so good"!!. "Okay", I ask "what is a "Neti Pot"?  Well the reason I have heard so much about this "pot" is that Dr. Oz {well known from the OPRAH shows) had a segment on his show about this 1000 year old sinus irrigation system.  You are simply washing out the sinus passages with a warm saline solution. The rest of the story is pure bravery!

Once you have poured your saline solution (sea salt and warm water) into the Neti Pot you simply bend forward over the sink and turn you head to one side and gently place the spout into one nostril (gross you say) well let's just call this my Halloween post!

To continue you then raise the NetiPot slightly and pour the lukewarm water through your nostril.....well that is all I am going to say about this;  except, it is great for these inflictions:
sinus infections or dry sinuses
relieves stress and anxiety
great for yogic breathing (for you yogis}

you can buy this at local health food stores and it has really helped my dry nose passages and my allergic annoying little coughs throughout the day.  Wasn't this fun now go and get one!

hApPY HalLOW'eEN and have a BOO-tiful week!


Anonymous said...

Dave has been using the kit.. just without the pot.. and it does wonders for him.


Catherine said...

Hey...I've tried's just tooo tooo much for me! Can't do it again! :( ha ha!

Rob said...

Sounds intense. :-)

Wendy said...

well as you I bought the pot - made the hubby try it - he's my guinea pig with all things wierd or potentially painful. He didn't give it rave reviews - but did agree to try it a few more times before giving up - will keep you posted on the experiment.

katrina lauren said...

hey...i've been thinking this might be just the thing to battle through the cold/flu much sea salt do you add? i'm not sure how big my pot is and i don't have any instructions?

hope you have a restful weekend!

Donna said...

hey here is the saline solution:

fresh pure water (150 ml approx)

1/2 tsp iodized/sea salt (or to make more pleasant 1/8 tsp less salt and the rest baking soda to make total portion to 1/2 teaspoon)

a cup to heat the water in (just warm to touch)

pour saline solution into neti pot just below the lip

Note:bending forward over sink and keeping your mouth open and breathing thru your mouth is the secret!

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