blogging journey-changing perspectives

This blog had a purpose and now the purpose has changed and it feels like a major writer's block is going on with me. It feels good to go through this change as it means to me that I am growing and need to pause and just "be" for awhile. No deep thinking posts are necessary. Here are some pictures that give me insight to just "be".

I like the shadow on this old tree, strikes a strong pose ... a story or two to tell I am imagining

Brian (Mantracker) purchased a self-feeder for our horses (double yahoo). This means we don't have to go out every morning and night to feed them!

I have a busy November and am loving it because I am doing things I LOVE! I will probably share later about that, but right now it is all new to me and it is exciting!

May your week be purposeful and full of laughter

thought these wild plants were cool but I think they are BURRS!? {just ask my dog}


DeviantThomas said...

They don't look like burrs to me, they look like they may be goldenrod. I need to see the plant up close

DeviantThomas said...
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Donna said...

oh... okay if they are goldenrod then that is why I like them. They looked prickly though. See you on the 14th.

love you

DeviantThomas said...

They were prickly? On the leaves or on the stem or both?

Catherine said...

Nice pictures Donna! Burrs or Goldenrod - they still look pretty! :)

videos on horse

I always like to get a shot or two when horses are around. I thought the trees turning colour would turn out on this video Nada. ...