sharing the Honest Scrap Award

Katscradle has awarded me and a few other blogs the "Honesty" award.    We have shared such compassion and similarities from blogging and working together.  So here are my 10 honest things about myself.

1. I am afraid of the dark..I don't know why but I don't like putting our dog in the barn at night or run downstairs in the basement and shut off the must be something from my past.

2. I love being around water, in the water and top of the water.  I have always been a swimming snob because a friend invited me to Aquasize at the Aquatic Centre and I said "no but I will come and swim laps" while you do your exercise".  Jumping up and down in the water cannot be near as much fun as smoothly gliding along with a breast stroke or back crawl.

3. I do so enjoy going to Chapters and sitting down around all those books and sipping on some coffee or tea or a special dainty.  I especially like sitting and talking around books.  Books are the best!

4. I have no clue about direction.  I try to learn a new city map and get myself to a certain place;  But always need extra guidance.  I have a medical appointment in Medicine Hat this Wednesday and I had Brian direct me their on our way to lethbridge and we drove right up to the office just to make sure!  I look at a map and direction and all the other lines and arrows and roads are confusing.  What can I say?  It frustrates me and that is why I love GPS!  Tom has the GPS in college right now so I am left with little old me and google maps. 

5. I love it when a hairdresser washes and massages your hair.  It is the best thing about going their.

6. I love riding a horse I trust bareback in the arena.  It is so exciting and so unbelievably warm and comforting that I can trust an animal like that.  Gives me great surges of confidence!

7. I love the the athleticism and perfection of ballet and would so enjoy seeing the "The Nutcracker".  The same goes for dance and singing. I sometimes pretend I am a famous singer; also when I was younger I would imagine myself figure skating in front of my high school boy crushes to show off how special I was.  (this is a big secret I am sharing here..oh beating heart)

8. I honestly use my humour to get through anything and that sometimes bites me in the back because people believe I handle things well.  Honestly, humour works well for me and I am so thankful I have a childish nature and goofy reaction to some things. 

9. I honestly do love bathing suits and I buy about 2 pair a year.

10. I honestly feel and know I have "spirit" in me and I am honestly at peace when I can give someone a Healing Touch treatment.

That is my 10 and it is harder than it looks to write this down.  Honestly, I honestly enjoyed sharing my honest scraps about myself.  Honestly, I am honestly telling the truth!!


Catherine said...

Good stuff Donna!

katrina lauren said...

love it donna! Thanks for sharing....i pretend i am a famous singer too, i just belt it out, sometimes even in the mirror! ha!
i love that you would pretend you were skating for your school boy crushes...that is too cute!

Cass said...

loved reading these! :)

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