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I had to read this a few times to grasp what this photographer was explaining when she took the photo below (which I absolutely think is stunning and just left it open on my desktop screen all day long)...Brian even noticed it and said how colourful and daring it is.

I get it about writing, journalling and then taking photos...photo taking is a release as it does grant permission to do just that..keep it simple, show up and see, focus and release..you are capturing the truth of the moment.
so true....
"Writing is definitely more vulnerable. It requires me to stand still and hold my reins firmly in the open fields of thought, in the land of “wild horses”. Writing takes me galloping on an emotional journey, and only if I am lucky (and blessed with unexplained divine intervention!), it brings me back to what is simple and real. Sigh. It is that good when the writing process comes full circle, isn’t it?"
Alex de Souza of Gypsy Girls Guide 

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katrina lauren said...

hello donna
i gave you an 'honest scrap' award on my blog...when you have time i would love it if you would share with me 10 honest things about you. to find out some of my honest katrina things take a peek at my blog!
happy day to you my friend

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