the wheels are turning

I have spent quite a bit of time on the road these past 7 days and my travels continue this weekend!  I took some banktime this afternoon to rest up for another weekend trip to visit my sister and niece in Regina. The weather has been splendid for driving and I even enjoyed my medical appointment visit in Medicine Hat on Wednesday.;as I was in the waiting room for one hour; I clicked this picture from their office located on "The Ridge".

Antelope forever run and play around our highway, especially this month, almost as much as the white tail deer and mule deer. 

I love this part of my drive in to the city.  I feel like the trees are parting just enough in the middle  for me to get through.

Have a safe weekend!

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Catherine said...

LOVE Medicine Hat ~ I would totally move there! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Donna!

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