Beautiful Bokeh and 2009

I have been reading a bit about photography from Ree Drummond's incredible award winning blog and the out of focus blurr of lights in a picture is very creative and beautiful.(Bokeh)  I have not been able to figure it out yet. I do not have the photoshop program. ....but, Bokeh is the wonderful creative blur in a photo that is usually in the foreground to highlight the main object or person in the picture.  In this picture it is all bokeh (blur).

2009 was a blur or (Bokeh) like the picture above:  Highlights for me were:

1.  5 years of memories and grief slipped through as of Jan 15, 2009. Wow, how did I survive it? With alot of faith? yes.  With alot of education on grief? yes  With alot of open mindedness to realize their is more than just me out their? yes

2. I still love love love skiing and our holiday at Castle Mountain in Alberta in February with Tom endorsed my joy for that kind of holiday and that I can still skii without breaking anything!

Tommy in the skii lodge (I think he was 5 years old)

3.  Brian advanced to a new perspective and journey in June and attended Choices seminars all through the fall.  He shed alot of guilt that he has placed on himself over the years and from his childhood.  He is a peaceful man and I am so inspired by him.

4.  renovated our home and put new insulation, siding and new windows in August; a new deck is yet to be put together and extension of our roof to go over the deck (can hardly wait!)

5.  a new financial system was implemented at work and has changed the work environment in a good way. Working with the diverse personalities is challenging but we are all on the same page, so-to-speak, and we have all grown in patience and acceptance of each other.

6. I incorporated a Healing Touch weekly open treatment centre at the 1st United Church for the Swift Current community.  This has been a major force for me and I am awed at how successful it is becoming and by the enthusiasm of other energy therapists who have their own alternative business centres on their own as well.  Spirit moves mountains!

7.  My level of physical wellness is reaching interesting levels of understanding.  Yoga sessions ended this year for me due to tense muscles and acute neck challenges.  energy treatments, chiropractic treatments have entered in as ongoing "musts" for me.  Walking, garden potting of flowers, canoeing, horse riding adventures, and 'photography storytelling' are my "kickers" in life now!

8.  I bought a new camera this fall and I am learning how to take exciting pictures and how therapeutic it has become to share on this blog and even posting pictures that are not so perfect.  It is the story behind the picture that speaks to me not necessarily the technical aspect of "getting it right" (like the SOOC Saturdays)

9.  This blog has changed and is now a record of my inspirational thoughts and goofy ideas and I have learned that blogging is not so much about the comments you hope to receive but it is about portraying the "sincere" me and noticing that some have this blog placed on their desktops for easy checking in.  I am amazed at the inspiration even my little website has on someone else.

10.  Healing Touch (just do the work) and laughter are my secrets to success. The rest just falls into place!

Happiest of the New Year to everyone!

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