chiseled and sure

Tom arrived Wed nite and as a Mother's perspective I was stunned at how he has changed in appearance, attitude and open mindedness (is that a word?).  I mean I just saw him 5 weeks ago and he didn't look and act like that?  hmmm something has changed and in a good good way.  Maturity can do wonderous things.  There was a moment there tonite when he stood in the kitchen and turned to me and I thought it was Graham. It is uncanny when that happens especially when Graham is no longer visible to us but I do think that he pops in through Tom once in a while (so cool).

Now Tom never did ride horses much and only a jog around the arena once in awhile.  Dad invited Tom to go on this cattle drive with us and to our amazement he is going.  He said he wants to do something very different for a change. 

It is so wonderful to see God take hold of a child and turn him into a blessing for so many.  I am sending good energy, love and warm clothing and sensible minded horses for tommorrows' ride.  I think that if Tom is going I will stay home instead and get ready and do laundry and pack for our Xmas getaway at the bed and breakfast in Qu'Appelle.

{p.s. I am leaving my comments off because it makes it easier for me to journal more fluidly with  no expectations of commentors}

videos on horse

I always like to get a shot or two when horses are around. I thought the trees turning colour would turn out on this video Nada. ...