The Christmas Horses

Here are some pics from our riding getaway with our friends Wendy and Gerald.  It was awesome and physically exhilirating. These horses are great therapy for me and give me so much spirit and honesty!  I know Wendy, Brian and Gerald feel the same way.

I am so glad my Mantracker found his purpose in working with horses.  We were so lost after Graham died and the horse and the family of cowboys, cowgirls, rednecks, instructors, etc. keep Brian and I uplifted and moving forward.  I know Tom is feeling it now too and is comfortable with these beautiful animals now. Our riding winter holiday never went any further than right here in our own province about 3 hours away from here.

Here I am with Ben just after we finished our "joyously grueling" 2 hour lesson (our 2nd day in a row).  I was tired and stiff.  But in a good tired and stiff way (if you understand what I mean).

Brian started his training on Wendy's filly.
 This filly is two years old never loaded in a horse trailer and never ridden around a huge arena or even trotted with a rider on her back.  This was a big weekend for this young lady.

There is our "Rocky" he was Gerald's ride

Gerald working on his technique......

oh yes ...and it was very snowy and christmassy on our last day.  We saddled quickly as it was not snowing when we started putting on the tack.

We had two instructors and this was one; "Dusty" who trains, breeds and boards horses and he had a few tips for us on loading horses and on our riding.  He was always in the arena training a different horse every hour.  He is the owner of this arena and stables called "Rusty Wire Stables" located in Qu'Appelle, SK.  {Wendy is obviously very good friends with him)

The other instructor (Richard) was brought in at our request and he gave me one-on-one instruction each day for over an hour! {phew! it is a workout}  My head was full of technique and it was difficult to pull it all together in one hour but I will have no excuse to not have anything to practice with on any of our horses.

After my instructor's lesson was over I would place myself into this "infrared" sauna that our friends happened to have in their home.  It really helped relax the tense muscles and warm me up after the riding was done.

Wendy put on the nutritious brunches and supper meals that were so tasty and very "Julia Childs/Martha Stewart" fashion.  We are spoiled now! 

I am sending out good energy and spirit to all of you who are readers on this blog.

Merry Christmas!

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