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Hey,  I thought I would blog my problem with fast buying  When I shop I buy fast and quick.  I don't have too much patience for going from store to store. (unless my friend is with me and she is so organized and plans out the whole day).  So anyhow 3 weeks ago I was at this store:

My sister introduced me to this delicious place and after my visit with her and I was on my way to leaving the city to go home I wheeled around and headed back for a longer taste of this place.  I knew I wanted to buy something and so I did.  but I wanted a nice top so I tried on this slinky thing because Barb said yes this would be slimming as it is long and has extra folds so it could hide larger units of the upper portion of my body.  Well not!  it was the sleeveless look (my arms are large and body builder looking) so I went through a few tops in the dressing room.

I actually needed another pair of pants as blue jeans (even tho I need blue jeans for riding I don't normally wear them elsewhere), so I snitched a pair of Simon Chang pants... oohh they are so nice and I bought them.  To make up for that expense I pulled a black unique style front sweater (it was on sale for $25.00) I won't tell you how much the swanky Simon Chang's were but I am loving them.  They are this style and colour.  I did not buy the jacket as jackets are not comfortable for me.

  I really enjoyed this sneaky last minute turn around to invest some spoiling time and buy high style for myself. 

Oh and to keep my figure (tough tough job) I am still doing this so I can keep wearing my trendy pants.

it is a slower process but the fresh air is great!

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