feasting and being jovial

Most years, a gathering of my country community happens and this year was no different.  The spark plugs on this annual event are usually Leta and Doug.  Neighbours are important where I live.  They look after your home and pets when we are away and share in helping raise our children.  I know Tom when he got his drivers license that everytime he had a problem on the highway that our neighbour Doug seemed to magically appear and help him out (Tom always groaned when Doug would phone and say "hey don't worry about Tom" he just slipped on the ice and ended up in the ditch but I am bringing him home" relief for Brian and I but Tom was always amazed that Doug seemed to be his saviour many times!) sometimes when they happen to know we will be away for a bit they phone and say "don't worry about your horses and dog we will feed them".  This is so helpful as our pets are almost as important as our boys.  I  have great neighbours. They are mostly farmers and alot of them have horses and we have ridden with them or their children have ridden with mine.  This gathering at Christmas is good for reconnecting in the old fashioned way, bringing food and sitting down and chatting and telling stories.


The reason for this celebration was combined with our Christmas social and Leta and Doug turning 50 years old.  Good people!

Who are/is "your community"? ...remember to just enjoy and be jovial!

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Catherine said...

Those neighbour get-to-gethers are always the best. Good food good friends indeed!

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