forging ahead friday

Trusting today that my fearless plans will keep bringing satisfaction and love for my family and friends
Grateful for being able to see in the distance and know all things that happen are turned around and given a better purpose than before

Inspired by the white snow and clean crisp air.  It reminds me that some things are frozen in time and brought out later when it is ready


Wendy said...

Hi Donna:

I must tell you that i love love love this picture of summer going down the snowy lane. It's heartwarming, at least that's what it did for me. Also like the piece on French toast from Jen Lee _ I had French toast this morning, sans the berries.

katrina lauren said...

very nice thoughts donna! i always enjoy these posts!

Chelsea said...

Oh goodness gracious. Look at all that snow! That's looks AWFUL! I mean, it looks pretty... but AWFUL!

Much love from Texas.

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