gingersnaps and cattle drive

 why did I try a  different new recipe with my gingersnaps when i am supposed to take them to Wendy's and share the wonderful ginger taste with friends? Well this recipe didn't really work (good grief I think I will crumble them up and put them on top of a dreamy whipped dessert).  I am disappointed and I don't have time to make more today.  I am feeling like I am coming down with a chest/throat tickler thing and this is fustrating because my energy level is decreasing but this time of year you have to keep pushing forward.  Oh well I will just "cowgirl" up!

The cattle drive was a HUGE SUCCESS.  Tom and Brian rode for 5 hours herding Marvin's cows together with another couple and a woman named Martha.  Now Martha is a professional photographer and journalist in Regina and she has always wanted to go on a cattle drive.  So she hauled her $6000 photo equipment on her back and rode the whole way and loved it.  Tom also had his camera and took a few photos with his. Both Martha and Tom LOVED THE ADVENTURE.  Tom said it is a different story altogether when shooting photos while on a horse.  Yup, I know that one!
I don't have any adventure photos of the drive but I took this one and it was dark and my photos were all blurry because I am not a geek with my camera yet.  I hope Martha will share her photos with Brian in the near future.  Tom has a couple of good ones too.  He says he is going to purchase the ultimate "photoshop" program before he leaves college because students can get a huge reduction in price while attending the college.  Me I just want to figure out all the things in my camera, like night time shots, blocking bright lights, taking action shots of the horses.

the weather is frosty and calm this morning and there is no forecast for blizzards so we should have a good trip.  The tire on the horse trailer yesterday was low so they got the air compressor and pumped it up.  Too everyone's dismay the tire just blew up!  This is not good of course so Brian borrowed a spare off of Marvin's trailer and today we will go in to town and make sure we have the tires in good shape before we leave this afternoon.

My next post won't be until Wednesday or Thursday and I will write about our visit in Qu'Appelle (without my gingersnaps {BIG SIGH}

videos on horse

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