in the spirit of "yes"

Ha! my previous post you probably thought i was a disgruntled misery, but guess what?  Tonite I said Yes to something I am not comfortable with.  I took my beloved horse Ben (see below) brushed off his snowy back and in the depths of darkness the horse was saddled and Ben and I and Brian and Ziggy walked down the dark spooky lane out towards the road to the coulees.  Brian was ahead of me quite a ways and said, hey dearest are you there?  I said yes I am but my comfort level in the dark is just a little less than yours?  Why are you riding in the ditch Brian?  Because the horses get a littled spooked with the patches of dirt on the snowy let Ben go in the ditch and we will ride on the fields?   (sigh) okay but remember I didn't put on long underwear so I will get cold soon! Well then, said my Mantracker we will turn around when your legs get cold.  So we walked along and I even did a bit of a trot to catch up to Mantracker. 

Ben, Ben, Ben you are such a good horse and of course when I turned around to go back home the pace picked up and Ben was as happy as a horse (hee). 

oh yes, I said yes and it was quite adventuresome and horses are really quite comfortable in the dark.

just sharing

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Catherine said...

Hey Donna! The 'comment' spot on your above post seems to have gone missing! Curious! But just wanted to say - have a most glorious week off next week. Have fun baking cookies and going on your ride Sunday. Warm Holiday Season Thoughts to you!

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