the spirit of "no"

We all have many hats to pull out in our lives and December is one of the most overwhelming.

I have to graciously so no to a couple of things this December and it is not always without guilt.I am saying no to well meaning individuals and do not want to waste energy by feeling guilty afterwards for not returning to something I started.
 Saying I am not returning to the  “spirit circle” at our church.  This is a time consuming ‘spiritual therapy” that is taking me in a direction I have already been to and it is not a comfort zone for me to share so openly with new women (even tho they are great individuals).
I could not commit to an outing this Friday night. It just felt wrong even though it will be a fun event. Just couldn’t commit, so I am not attending that part of it but participating in the potluck munchies and feast after work. It is okay to be that way. It is how you say no that counts.
I changed massage therapists just because I accidentally came across a new therapist who is her partner at this same massage clinic. My neck likes her technique way better as it is so different than any other massage therapists I have work on me. (You know, it is like changing your hairdresser after so many years but entering the same place and walking past her and seeing her colleague instead). I am okay with that as this is about business and what is best for my money and me.
Say no and let it go. It is not about anyone personally or anything. It is just not for me to participate.
It is okay to say No! I now have learned to listen to my inner messages and they are usually exactly right on.
Christmas season is a time for me to spend my hard earned energy on things that are meaningful to me and joyful for me.  Sometimes I need to stretch past the “no” and turn it into a yes…that is growth of course.  But saying “no” also is growth and appreciating my boundaries.  It is a win-win feeling!

Spend your energy and time authentically and it will be a joyful season.

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Shirls said...

Wow Donna I finally got to read your blog and this post really spoke to me..thanks for making me realize the power of saying the word no. You inspire me Donna and I cannot believe the growth that I have seen both in our work environment and right here on your blog... Merry Christmas Donna and may the New Year hold many blessings for you..

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