these things have to happen in my Christmas..

I have things or events that I need to make happen in order for me to have spirit and fun at Christmas. Shopping is not a kicker for me (never has been). Here are my "5".

1. Lights must be on and around something inside and outside the house. This year it is a well light wreath hanging on a wrought iron stand and some lights around my kitchen.

2. Tom has to cook Brian and I one vegetarian meal. We both look forward to that and Tom loves doing it, and besides that, I love it when someone else can cook and put a meal on in my kitchen. He has that "chef" spirit and a sense of humour that goes with it!

3. I need to ride a horse at least once in December. It boosts my spirit. We are visiting friends a few days before Christmas and taking our horses and riding in an indoor arena for hors'n around fun and Christmas spirit!

4. I pick a person or business that has made a difference in my year and send a special card. This year it will be Cypress Audiology (Karen) and Sylvia our vet and neighbour. They make my life less stressful by providing excellent service for Tom's hearing aids and our vet has saved our dog from alot of pain and us not wanting to put him down.  Also our dentist friend Dr.  Reimer is another person who reached out and made an enormous difference in mine and Brian's community spirit, especially the high school grads. Blessings.

5. We make it happen that we can donate to the Mission and Service Fund through the United Church of Canada. Extremely minimal costs go to administration and the largest sum of the money goes straight to the individuals in need.

I find this time of year to be difficult if I do not plan some events or at least make sure these things come about.  Each year is a little different but these five are a must for me!


Anonymous said...

1 - 4 are a match to my things this christmas. Plus I would like to come home on after the Christmas Eve dinner.

Anonymous said...

tom wrote that by the way

Catherine said...

Love your lighted wreath hanging on the wrought iron stand! It's so wonderful that you can find your special ways to make Christmas meaningful. Warm thoughts ~

Anonymous said...

I read your blog all the time but I seldom comment on anyone's blog that I follow. Reading your traditions makes me think of my own, but I must admit I love to shop and will until the 24th of December probably. Keep blogging so I have something to read and enjoy, Merry Christmas Donna :)
Your co-worker and follower or creeper, as the kids would say, Michele

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