Happy Ukrainian New Years

whooppee! we have a 'get-rid-of-the-snow-buildup-for-Donna's-peace-of-mind' machine in our yard and it is here to stay!  Mantracker surprised me with this on the weekend!  I saw one of our neighbours yesterday and he said "I saw your yard and was going to come over and move some snow for you?".  I said. "well it's already been done but thank you anyway"!  No more watching Mantracker push heavy snow all the way down our lane with our "walk-behind" snowblower (it is on its way to be donated for parts) and then come in and flake out on the big chair after.  Mantracker is in good shape but we are getting a touch older now. 
Happy Ukrainian New Years to Kirkville!  (which reminds me 1st United Church is putting on their annual Ukrainian supper tonite and I am serving Cabbage Rolls  from 5 - 7 p.m. ($15 a plate - it is delicious food)
such excitement for me; PLANuary is shaping up so far!

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