January's time gone by ...I am creating a new name...

I thought I could re-name this month "Planuary" instead of January.  It is my time to plan some simple winter activities, it is more purposeful sounding ...PLANuary:  Here are my activities and simple pleasures... 
1. when the sun shines bright ( like today) I stand outside and put my face to the sun for at least 10 minutes...Vitanim D absorption!
2. when opportunity for vacation arises ....book it, even though it seems overwhelming.
3. touch and hug our dog alot as he has the right idea in the winter time and that is to catch up on lots of sleep and just be a good companion and friend to all of us.
4. setting goals and targets with my job keeps me moving forward.  My performance plan is okay and I like the option for achieving one goal and that is improving my communication skills for "writing for an audience" and "writing for intent".  Those two jumped out when I went down the list. 

Pretty basic activities... but meaningful and purposeful to me.

Hope your month of Planuary has some simple and enjoyable activities.

1 comment:

katrina lauren said...

cute...i like the new name!

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