the one word for this year and TGIF

I felt isolated and snowed in on Tuesday nite.  You couldn't even look me in the face and ask me for a long conversation.  It was docile one word answers.  Poor Mantracker didn't know what to think.  I chalked it up to the wind, and isolation out here; and to make it more dramatic Mantracker comes into the house while I am making supper and says I think "God" is trying to tell me something?  {oh great the snowblower died}.  The highway had snow drifts and our lane was getting full. I start to panic and thought "I will never make it through the next 3 months".  I journalled quickly, not on my blog but in my own private hand written "tell-all" journal book.  Man does that work well.  Journal when you are depressed and mad and your emotions are all pent up.  I started my little journal entry with "I hate" this and "I hate that" and after a couple of paragraphs I got down to the point of my melancholy.

The next day was my day off and I had plans.  Haircut, massage, Healing Touch nite.  I did do all those things but I also booked a flight to this remote little island at Hawaii.  The island is named "Kauai" (Kawaii). Brian's brother Trev has a timeshare there in Feb and he graciously invited us to join him as well as some of Carol's family and so with weeks of pondering on this I finally  just went and booked the flight for Mantracker and I.  I am the worst flier though.  I need gravol/Adavan/wrist band to be able to fly anywhere, as well even to go swing on a swing in the park, or drive down a windy road and sit in a backseat of a vehicle.   So this really picked me up and it gives me something to look forward to.  The flight is 7 - 10 hrs one way but I will be ready for that and will try real hard to enjoy flying.

2010 needs a "word" and I am trying to think of a word to describe what I need this year. I think the word is "develop".  Build, and try,and seek little adventures that I need to sprout with joy from.

It is or will be Friday soon and the weather is getting warmer.  So TGIF is mixed in with 
trusting my plans to build on things I want to try
grateful that I have family that is willing to let me fly
inspired by anyone who travels freely and enjoys the process

Have a good one!
p.s. Tom has some new blog posts for you to check out on 'experimenting' and vegetarian dining if you want to take a look-see.

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katrina lauren said...

yay for going to hawaii! that is wonderful news!
I love your word for the year! i'm still thinking on mine. i want to make sure it is absolutely perfect!
with love

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