a Friday coming soon

(photo taken a mile from home. I was "taken-in" by the posture of these two as they paused to look back)
I was going to post an inspiring TGIF.. but that fell flat... so all I really want to say.... is the picture of these 2 deer are what Brian and I will look like as we fade off into the


2 weeks from today; now that is a trusting, grateful and inspirational TGIF coming up and all in a coconut shell! {work with me and humour me please?}

Have a good one!


Lisa said...

Beautiful picture, as we drive the back roads here we have to be very careful of those leaping across the roads in the dark.

Jewelz said...

Donna this is a lovely shot. I really like the composition.
Enjoy your holiday...Hawaii how wonderful, especially if you are surrounded with snow and cold weather at the moment :0)


K said...

Hawaiiii that is so simply fabulous

melody is slurping life said...

Divine capture...I miss the deer that visited when we lived in the mountains.

Hawaii!!!! Have a safe and fun trip.

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