jumping in anonymously

okay all you "Anonymous" commentors you are creating SPAM on my blog, and I am advising that if you are commenting "Anonymously" and I know who you are, I apologize for restricting you off this blog....  but I have had too many anonymous weird comments and I have been moderating all the incoming comments, which is time consuming.  This is a free country and the Vancouver winter olympics shows our mutli-culturism that we should be proud off...  but our "olympic" technology has its downfalls and can create problems too!

Please feel free to comment, but you cannot do it as an Anonymous commenter.  You must have a google account or registered open ID or be a member of this blog.

so "jump-in" and leave a comment I love them!


shirley said...

Hi! Jumping in to comment, to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Valentines. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog!

Lisa said...

Donna thank-you for your heart-felt words with regards to my Gig, I appreciate it, when times get tough sometimes words hold us up.
Thanks it meant a lot to me.


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