I have literally crashed since my return on Saturday night. I took lots of photos of the waves, because I am awed by them. I went through Sunday with a tremendous surge of energy and achieving many household tasks. Monday, I was zoned out and just hoped to get thru the day at work. Monday night I was very anxious and felt sick and then I had a huge emotional crying release, that really surprised me. I realized during this "whaling" session that my anger that has been festering inside me over the past few years, prevented me from crying very much, has ended. It is just like the waves crashing after they reach their peak of building up to something. This holiday retreat did this for me. It was a happy 7 days with little time to think about myself and to ponder things. Today though, I had to overhear a conversation that left me feeling extremely exposed and hurt. Now, with a good night's rest last night and again tonight I am sure things will be more balanced as the week progesses.(I hope)
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