SOOC Saturday- Powered Up

I bought an Ipod (nano) ...Tom helped me with my purchase and I have been busy learning about "itunes" and loading music and photos as well as checking into my favourite blogs inbetween just like using a remote for TV. (it's crazy!) The candle beside my laptop makes me laugh as many generations ago that is all the pioneers had for "power".

The Ipod struck my interest one night when one of the Healing Touch therapists came in with this little doc station and her little ipod and she plugged it into the wall plug and the music burst out of that little thing so clearly it amazed me, it was so small!. That was a few months ago and now I  have one. The sound on these ipods (you can see my little flat blue ipod just beside the candle on the table) is superb! what would make this perfect is if I actually had high speed internet. Whoa.. is me for I am exisitng on a little better internet speed connection than dial up called xplornet. It is the only choice we have out here in the coulees.

What is your connection? Do you enjoy the surge of technology or does it frustrate you? I am sure you savvy bloggers out there have challenges from time to time, but we know it is worth the frustration and learning curve.... for it is never ending. Time goes by so fast when on the "technology highway" and I lose a good part of my day blogging and uploading and writing; but it is so worth it for me. When I post a photo and write something under it.... my heart speaks authentically.

Enjoy the photos this SOOC Saturday!

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robin said...

What a cool picture (the computer next to the candle.) I am so spoiled with having high-speed internet, it would almost hurt to go back to something slower. I haven't gotten an ipod yet, but my daughter has one and absolutely loves it!

Tara R. said...

I love the juxtaposition of the computer and iPod to the candle... wonderful! At our house we are fortunate to have broadband/cable modem Internet connection, and wireless for our laptops.

I have an iTouch and love it. I would be lost without my Internet.

Jewelz said...

Love technology...dislike how confuzzling it can be at times. I can read and read instructions sometimes and STILL not get how to do something, then someone finds a way to explain it in 'Jewelz Speak' and the lightbulb goes off.....AHHHH THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO DO!!! :0)
Nothing like being techno savy :0)
Thanks for sharing...great capture. I love using different lighting in shots.


Caroline (Frogmum) said...

Nice capture :D

Lisa said...

You are more advanced than I, I don't have an ipod but if I ever do get one I have a dear friend who is technology suavy who could teach me.

Friends can't live without them, technology can't live without that either!

Great image!

Julie said...

I'm loving this! I have a love-hate relationship with technology... and I'm fascinated with how things were done in pioneer days.

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