Spanish Bosal

Mantracker is training our 2 1/2 year colt and he is doing it the way the Spaniards do, with a Bosal(pronounced /boʊˈsɑːl/, /boʊˈsæl/, or sometimes /ˈboʊsəl/) is a type of noseband used on the classic hackamore of the vaquero (spanish cowboy) tradition.  When he pulls on the reins the knob under the horses chin moves and taps him in a key spot under the chin. 

Here is Leroy going for a training walk this afternoon and learning to walk through water and crusty snow and muddy fields with his Spanish Bosal! Ole!

It is refreshing to be talking about horses again and riding outside in the sunshine.  I so want this weather to hold and stay.

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