practicing english riding in 2007

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This is me in 2007 trying to get the trott and canter position for English riding perfected. The video/movie would not upload for me at all so this is what I got (a headless freeze frame) oh well. I found some pictures (rare ones at that) of me actually riding Rocky. I am always the photographer and so I got Tom to shoot some videos/photos of me.

I came across these videos this weekend as FCC staff were looking for some old photos for Brian's retirement party in June, so I was going down memory lane. I talk alot about how I {recreationally) enjoy riding and I was at my peak here for perfection but the instructor always made me feel like nothing was working for me. But I talked about that issue a couple of posts previously.

It seems gone are the days when you can get on a horse and just learn to sit and relax and hold the reins loosely and enjoy. Now their is so much coaching and different ways and techniques to steering and guiding and communicating with your horse. I have found that alot of groundwork before I even get on the horse is the best way to connect with the horse and to just relax and trust yourself and let the horse do the work. That was not easy for me (trying to control too much) and of course horse and rider have to be a team. I have said it before, a relationship with a horse, is great training to becoming a parent and I so would of liked to of been doing this 20 years ago, because it teaches me to watch and listen for horse cues and to know when to be assertive and when to cue on problems and also to realize when the horse is with you, as one!

"You will never learn as much from any horse as you will from your first one!"

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