he would be 25 today

"Turn off the lights or keep them on.
Either way, I will see you,
call me back or do not call me back,
Either way I will hear you,
Tell me yes or tell me no.
Either way, I will love you."
{by Marion Williamson}
The bond between most parents and their children is without preconditions.  Love simply is----from the moment of birth to the grave.  There is no, "I will only love you if..." between parent and child.  We will move mountains to help them if they are in trouble and will fight their battles for them, if they will allow it.


Catherine said...

Thinking of you.
xo Catherine

Snowflake said...

Wonderful words Donna!! You are able to put into words what others can only feel and think. My thoughts are with you.

Donna said...

Ted and Fran e-mailed this to me this morning and I am posting it on the blog for record keeping and inspiration..Thanks Ted and Fran!

I see on the blog that today would be Graham's birthday. The birthdays of loved ones who have left us are difficult. The younger they were, the harder the day it seems.

Other people sometimes cannot understand the grieving process and ask if our lives are back to "normal". There will never be normal again in one huge aspect of a parent's life who has lost a child. We just keep moving away from the event and hoping that time will ease the pain - and it does.

Hold on to the happy memories.

On day's like today, ask for strength from God and family and friends. For sure, God is listening.

We care too.

Ted and Fran

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