I guess it's time (sniff) for them to enter another phase...

Easter weekend was spent at Madge Lake visiting my parents.  I left the men behind and travelled on my own and had quality time with both mom and dad.

They just put up a 4-sale sign in front of their home at the lake.  They said it was time to move closer to family and the friends and lake activities and upkeep to the home was at times overwhelming.  The winter's are long for Mom and they have a couple of places that have opened up in Regina for them.  Lots of decisions for them especially at the age of 80 years old.  But, better now when they are still in good health and clear mind. 

here is my black car and my parents white car. (ha I think they always thought I was the black sheep of the family...hmmmm could be!)

my cousins in Pelly, SK provide Bison meat for many people and Mantracker and I are one of them.  (such good lean meat).  The bull as you can see is the one with the large head and big hump, verry verry, big, big fella.

Mom wanted me to take a picture of her showing the trees in their front yard.

Here they are outside Duck Mountain Provincial Park Lodge.  This is where mom swims in the pool every day and the have coffee and eat out alot at this place.  I spent alot of time walking and jogging by the still frozen lake and all the hiking trails.  I will miss the visits but I know Mom and Dad will be closer to medical care and family once this move has transpired.  Love the lake and love Mom and Dad who lived their for 25 years.  What great memories and what a great retirement they had here and still have to come!

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DeviantThomas said...

I look forward to seeing them in a few days!

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