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The equestrian riding club had it's first clinic of the year yesterday. Mantracker took his colt "Leroy" for the training and experience. Heather S. who is talking by the fence in the above photo, is a level 3 certified Equestrian trainer and coach and she comes in from Regina to put on these clinics for the club.
I love to ride and I used to take Rocky and learn how to turn and guide and establish a good strong "seat" in the saddle. English riding is an exacting and fine tuned techniquing on trotting, cantering and jumping. Unfortunately, I was no longer having fun taking lessons as it became too intense and exacting for me and I only want to ride for recreational purposes and to make sure I can handle the horse when things go wrong. I have learned and feel confident now when I ride. So I got out of it what I wanted. And once things are no longer fun I move onto something else. Just the way I am. So Mantracker goes to these clinics on his own now and I sometimes go and just sit and watch.

so now, I have turned into a more creatvie woman now and I am practicing my water colour painting techniques that I learned in Kauai in February. Here is my first "private clinic" attempt at painting. It is supposed to be the sky, mountains, a beach and the ocean. The water and beach really are terrible but I am to try this same scene 20 times. So 19 more pictures of this same scene and it should improve.

I am a woman and can change interests and try different things!

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Sharla said...

I think that's awesome for a first try! Way better than I could do for sure!!!

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