tgif and some Yahoo news!

yahoo I am trusting that our sponsored 11 year old boy will keep corresponding with us. We have had 2 letters and 2 pictures from him. He writes his letters in Romanian and then it is retyped in English for us. This hole in my heart is completely filled when I hear from George.

Grateful for Tom passing his difficult classses this last semester and grateful for him receiving a job in his field of study this summer. Another yahoo!

Thankful that Mantracker has decided to retire in June and he has already received another job that he can start in October. He will be busy training colts and building our deck and just soaking up the summer off before then!

I am also thankful that this summer I can pursue the joy of some Kayaking at Duncairn Dam. I found out about this last fall. They have rentals of kayaks their and I want to check that out.

I am also so very thankful for my chiropractor who has turned my neck problems into a new painfree lifestyle. I finally found something that works. Another yahoo!

Yahoo! it's Friday!
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Corla Rokochy said...

I love your horse photography! Thanks for sharing I always find your blog inspirational.

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