the 4 purpose room

On dreary weather days like today,I take refuge in this room. This is my room. It is the only room that is mine in this house. It now has four purposes. I don't think I can squeeze in another function for it. The latest addition to this room is the infra-red sauna. It is great for my neck and weight loss. I can read and play my ipod thru the stereo system. I just connect my CD walkman or my Ipod and the music pipes thru the sauna (while I am profusely sweating of course).

The piano (just a peak of it on the far left of the room) doesn't get used that often but at Christmas time it does; the massage table does get set up for family and friends who want a treatment. The excercise mat and foam spinal roller gets used just about everyday. If I don't exercise and stretch my body regularly it will just say "okay let's give up and just die"! (dramatic statement I know but sometimes.....??)

Do you have a special room - just for you?

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Catherine said...

I do indeed ~ that would be my craft room! No boys allowed! :) (Though my cat can come in if he likes even though he is a boy!)

Lovely room Donna ~ that sauna looks very interesting!

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