I wear these words

there is a blogging collaborative going around with some worldly photographers and writers who are deep thinkers and are sharing their inspirations with photography and writing. I have been a keen part of this collaborative and the most amazing 3 words have struck me like lightning, just recently; these 3 little words are "I AM ENOUGH".
I have been searching for answers, exploring self-help, empowerment, and true authenticity for myself for the last 6 years
...this is a spurring reminder of my place in this universe, when at times I feel I need to strive to be better, to be more efficient and feel the constant warning flags of my errors and adjustments that I feel I need to make in my career and personal life. I have done the "perfection" impression lifestyle, acting as if all is good and trying to be the best mom, best wife, best listening parent, best employee........Since I am at an age (54 now) where certain past events have left me vulnerable to the outside world and have forced me to be true to myself in hoping to receive a plan for making things right for me in order to move to a place in this world where I can feel that I make a difference.
Tracey Clarke who is the creator of Shutter Sisters and the I Am Enough collaborative, and Brene Brown (with her book "I thought it was Just Me"), and Jen Lee (her "Take Me With You - A Journal for the Journey) . Just 3 women who have somehow poured a new fresh mixture of sand into a hole I did not think could be replaced within me.
you are enough.

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Joy Jarrett said...

Donna...you have so eloquently phrased your last post. Isn't it interesting that in our searching outside of ourselves we finally wend our way back to the nuggets of truth. We are enough even if we sit like a lump on a stone! Thanks for sharing.

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