natural health expo

Swift Current has a natural health expo on this weekend. I was there today and so loved my visits at some of the booths.

I know the lady at this booth; we attended a quantum touch training clinic a few years back and I discussed a weekend at her "cottage" in Cypress Hills to learn about Animal Access and Horse Awareness training. Her name just happens to be Donna too!

Jacqui and I both received a half hour palm reading from Alice Kelly. Wow! got so much info from that. Will be staying in touch with her, me thinks...

This Organo Gold coffee is pure organic black coffee and healthy for you. The Reishi mushroom spore powder extract is the secret and after I drank a large cup of it I did not have the urge to use the washroom or get stomach cramps. I have been off coffee for quite a while now and bought myself a box of this healthy alternative coffee.

I have been encouraged and told that my watercolour painting is needing attention as it is my creative side of me that is so strong but not being used and it is not that I will become a painter but it is the journey and process of doing this painting that I need to pay attention to! So I am going to the barn to paint tommorrow as the weather is not cooperative for outside painting.

The stroke of my brush will encourage my wellbeing and bring joy (as it has the last couple of times I have tried to paint)

Hope you can all bring some inspiring "to-do-ness" to this wet and wild weekend!

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DeviantThomas said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun :)

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