Carefree Adventures

Tom showing me how to take "macro" shots of flowers

I ended up at Lac Pelletier on Monday because I was looking for the kayak rental spot by Duncairn Dam. I discovered later that day that I had to go through the town of Simmie and then North a bit to get to "Carefree Park". I never heard of this place but now I do know where it is. Tom and I had our cameras in the car just in case we felt like taking a photo or two. It ended up that it was the majority of our afternoon spent taking photos as the kayak rental business is only open weekends Friday 8:00 p.m. to Sunday 5:00 p.m.

Check out the map and prices and hours by clicking here "Carefree Adventures" if you ever want to take relatives, friends out for a kayak, canoe ride this summer.

Here are some of my photos while at Lac Pelletier.....

my favourite view
seeded crocus

golden bean flower (some call it the buffalo bean plant)

the bluebeard flower

boys at the lake

Have a great Wednesday as the sun is shining brightly this morning with no wind.  I better get outside and enjoy. 

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katrina lauren said...

such great photos...isn't nature amazing!

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