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I keep this boxed wedding dress of mine in my closet in our bedroom now. It used to be in the basement hidden on a shelf. Every time we moved to different locations since I have been married to Mr. Mantracker, it has been exactly 4 times, well I mean 4 times since we have moved to different cities (I didn't mean married 4 times to Mantracker); this box keeps getting shuffled around by me as I don't want the movers to damage it or push it into the back of a moving truck or worse yet puncture a hole in the protected clear plastic window and ruin the original state of the dress. Well now I have been thinking that maybe it is time for this dress to come out of the box and display it.

On June 21st it will be our 30th wedding anniversary!

I will reveal the dress then and I will be modeling this dress myself, (when I was 24 years old that is). To think that I could even fit into this dress is disheartening, but, there are some women who probably still can after 3o years. Not this "good wife".

Do you have something you need to bring out to celebrate or need to reopen for going down memory lane?
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